Best heating rod for masturbator-X USB Heating Rod with UV disinfection light

New USB Heating Rod with UV disinfection light for Masturbators 45℃ Sex Toys for Men Heated Bar Stick Anal Vaginal Warmer Sex Masturbation Cup Heat Tool.

X USB heating rod is new arrival electric heating rod.Different from the common heating rods on the market, it is also equipped with ultraviolet light, which has the effect of disinfection and sterilization. We believe it is the best heating rod for masturbator.


Automatic temperature control and heat preservation function: quickly heat up to 42-52 °C within 5 minutes, built-in temperature sensor, automatically stop heating when heated to the real body temperature, and automatically turn on heating to play a role when it is lower than body temperature, similar to an air conditioning system.

The top of the heater is equipped with a UV lamp, which can sterilize the inside of the masturbator while heating.

Thickened shell, 100% waterproof, can be used safely.

The heating and heat dissipation are uniform, and there is no local heating. Constant temperature control, will not cause damage to the masturbator due to excessive temperature.

High quality guaranteed, can be used for long time heating.


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