How to use Xsapcecup P 3 peins pump

How to use Xsapcecup P 1 peins pump

How to use Xsapcecup P 3 peins pump

Xspcecup P series penis pump,water penis pump for man's dick enlargement

Automatic Suck Electric Pumps Penis One penis pump multi sizes adjustable with electric hand pump

Use manual:

You may use the shower strap by sliding the connector onto the bathpump leaving your hands free to wash.

1.install 4*AAA batteries in the electric pump.

2.Relax in the shower for a few minutes.

3.Connect the pump hose to the IN valve on the electric pump.

4.Fill pump with air or water ,insert  penis,press button and start pumping.

5.Press button again to stop pumping,press the quick-relese valve mechanism to release pressure.

6.The electric pump can be used with any brand of penis pump,and it only living waterproof.

More details please find above video.

Before first use:

Wash your bathpump using warm,clean soapy water and rinse thouroughly.

1.Ensure your pubic area is reasonably well trimmed.This will facilitate the vacuum seal against the pelvic seat.

2.A relaxation period of a few minutes in a warm shower or bath is required to allow the testicles to soften,allowing them to remian free from the sealing area thereby avoiding any discomfort.

3.Apply only the minimum amout of vacuum pressure necessary to achieve an erection.Excessive vaccum pressure and ovor vigorous pumping may result in bruising or injury to the penis.

4.To be benefit the most in erection hardness and optional blood flow,it is best to remove the device every 2-3 minutes allow the penis to retract.Massage the penis in the flaccid state for 2 minutes.then re apply the device and repeat the process.You should do this maximum if 3 times in any 15 minute session.

5.Do not use the bathpump for more than 15 minutes in any period of 24 hours.