B series lubricant

B series lubricant-Bed game brand lubricant:Water-based Lubricant Vagina Lube/Women Stimulant Orgasm Gel / Powerful Sex Delay Spray/Oral Sex Water

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1.3* 1.5ml women Stimulant Orgasm Gel:Squirting Gel Vagina Pheromone Exciter Spray Water Orgasm Female Libido Water Lubricant

2.3*500mg women Stimulant Orgasm Gel:Gel Vagina Pheromone Exciter Spray Water Orgasm Female Libido Water Lubricant


  • 1. It will make women's vagina itching unbearable, and they will take the initiative to ask for sexual intercourse. It will greatly increase women's libido, and women will become women.
  • 2. Promote female orgasm, female vagina peristalsis suction clip, let male enjoy unprecedented feeling.
  • 3. The climax is continuous, reaching the state of female water spray, a product that makes both men and women cool.
  • Contraindications: Pregnant women with severe allergies

3.6*4ml Sex Lubricant Water-soluble:Sex Water-soluble Based Lubes Sex Body Masturbating Lubricant Massage Lubricating Oil Lube Vaginal Anal Gel Adults Sex Products

Use effect:

  • 1. Private care: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, nourishing the skin
  • 2. Moisturizing and wash-free: mask-grade raw materials, easy to absorb
  • 3. Efficient lubrication: strong lubrication, moisturizing and not greasy

4.1*6PCS Blowjob Sex Toy Oral Sex Water Jelly type:Jelly Oral Sex Water Mouth Blowing for Adults Water-based Exciter for Women Lubricants

Product efficacy:

  • 1. Putting it in the mouth with fire will produce a hot feeling when giving a male oral sex, which will make the male unable to stop, and the desire will be greatly increased when it is doubled, and the stimulation will be full.
  • 2. Putting ice water in your mouth will produce a cool feeling when giving a male oral sex, and you will enjoy the feeling of ice and fire on the part at the same time. The ability to generate great desires.
  • 3. Husband and wife lick each other's body parts and feel the various stimulations brought by their tongues. It can also get rid of the odor in the mouth and the odor in the private parts of the body. Fresh breath.

5.1*3ml Sex Delay Spray For male:Powerful Sex Delay Spray for Men Exciter for Men.Non-Numbing Anti Premature Ejaculation intimate lubricant

Use effect:

  • 1. Help erection harden, assist erection
  • 2. Ultra-long delay, easy challenge for 60 minutes
  • 3. Chinese medicine ingredients, herbal extracts
  • 4. No side effects, can be washed in 60 minutes, oral sex will not be noticed by women