X 1 space cup-Automatic thrusting rotating male masturbator cup

The second generation X Rotating series space male masturbator cup,Based on the rotation function of the first generation, we have added thrusting functions to make it a stronger experience.

X R1 Space Cup Real Male Stamina Training Best Masturbation Sex Toy

Automatic thrusting and rotating function:Six different thrustion and rotation modes, dual vibration stimulation brings more intense pleasure, movement and rotation combine for a wonderful sexual experience.

Realistic silicone and USB rechargeable:food grade silicone material, soft and full of granules, as well as internal multi-layered spiral pleats give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. This male masturbator is USB charging by 5V charger, do not worry about battery problems, simplify your use.

Moanning function and hands-free fun:Sexy porn star moans, the volume will be adjusted with the vibration frequency, allowing you to feel the immersive pleasure. This male masturbator is equipped with a strong suction base, which can be attached to any smooth and hard surface such as bathroom, bedroom, etc. Enjoy it anywhere without using your hands.

Easy Cleaning and Discreet Package:The removable sleeve can be taken out from the cup and rinsed under running water for easy cleaning. After washing and drying you can put it back into the masturbator.Your privacy is the utmost important to us, so every item you order from us will be packed in a plain box. There won't be any logos or product names on the box, so no one will know what's inside the box except you. We can absolutely make sure all your privacy remains 100% safe at our website and you can order without any worries.

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