PM1 Vibrating Thrusting Prostate Massager Remote Control Waterproof


Style: P M1&UV Bag
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P M1 Remote Control Prostate Massagr With Thrusting Vibrator Funtion For Men

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Robert Davies

I cant lie or make this up. It in one day has started helping me in many ways. One with my posture which I felt myself walking differently and better.

Mike Satchwell

This item is definitely easy to use as well as it’s a lot fun for both men and women. It’s water proof and the battery is well protected from any water damage. It comes complete with all necessary items to both charge the main unit as well as the battery for the remote.

Georg Wolf

First time using a toy like this and I am enjoying every second of it. Very simple to use and very easy to clean. Vibrations feel great and really gets me on edge.

Jeff Meyers

Very enjoyable, this toy is easy to use and even comes with a convenient remote control to adjust the setting to exactly what you want. Cleaning is fast and simple, just warm water and mild soap. I am very satisfied with my order of this product.

Grant Davidson

I like that I can turn it off manually or remotely and the various settings are great to change between. Ofcourse, easy to keep clean with condom covering it completely during use. Works like a charm and I could not be more pleased.

Jay Hawkins

Easy and comfortable to use

Kelly Higgins

had a few of these in the past but this one made things really exciting for the first time, should have seen the look on my wifes face (amongst other things ;)) definitely love the remote and its packaging was really nice slides right in with a nice weight ill be sure to be back for more!

Ricky Donald

This thing is pretty great. Both the rotating and vibrating functions feel amazing. There are only a few downsides that were less awesome. I wish the battery life lasted longer because being the insatiable freak that I am, I would use it for longer than an hour at a time if that were possible. Another thing is I wish it were about an inch shorter. I cannot insert it all the way in so it sticks out somewhat and falls out easily.

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