PM14 Prostate Massager Mobile Interactive Dual Vibrating Stimulator


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Rollins Trevion

Sits directly on prostate and even while off applies pressure. My partner absolutely loves it. The remote is a great addition and I was able to use it even while he was in one room and I was in another. It's strong and works well, the vibration patterns are fun to play with, and overall it is a great product. Package comes in a discreet box .Highly highly recommend as a prostate massager. Did not use it as a female vibrator but the vibration is strong on both the internal and external pieces so it may work well for that. But absolute 10/10 as prostate massager. If you really wanna have some fun I recommend having your partner insert it, then you with turning it on and changing the vibration patterns and turning it off. Guarantee you won't be able to go long before they can't take the teasing anymore

Michael Nelton

Great effective and reasonable price

Zsolt Szattler

I am sure this is great for the ladies out there, but dudes- this thing is perfect for prostate stimulation. The toy it thick enough to feel great but not be difficult to use. It is also rigid to be able to hit the spot and stay there. The vibrations are powerful and several different types. The remote is small and easy to use for switchin it up on your partner if needed. One of my additional favorite parts is it could be control by your mobile phone. I would for sure buy more products from this maker. Seems to be well made and certainly powerful enough to get the job done.

Steve Ragan

I have prostate problems and this is a great prostate massager. The vibration really helps and I would highly recommend this to men going through this problem.My wife really thought the motor was very strong and enjoyed all the different settings. The remote is just a bonus on top.It is boxed very well and discreet. You know your getting a good product when you open it.

Alex Knight

Has been fun to use with the Wife. Having the remote makes it fun, keeps her and I hands free to have other fun while this does its job. Would recommend if you are looking to explore new toys.

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