PM8 Super Vibrating Rotating Prostate Massager Wireless Remote Control


Style: P M8
Sale price$55.99


P M8 Best Remote Control Prostater Massage With Rotating one Part Vibrator Funtion For Men

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Ryan Haverstock

My favorite aspect of this product is there's no worrying about having to hold my arms in uncomfortable positions, it's hands free! Perfect for if you're feeling lazy, or giving yourself extra stimulation while you are with a partner.

Derrick Cloud

I’ve always wanted one of these. Found this one and it has a remote control with dual functions. Absolutely love this and it’s so easy to clean when you are done

Ryan McDowell

great product

Mike Afari

It has so many settings! Various vibrations and rotations. Super easy to clean and charge. I love that it charges with a USB rather than batteries the way my previous one did.

Benjamin Lucas

I love it. Its my first toy and wanted something gentle yet strong. The different vibrations and speed definitely allow you to enjoy the best of this toy. Whether a beginner or not. Cant wait to try other toys!!

Kelvin Richard

Talk about an unforgettable orgasm. Never before have I had one quite like it before trying this massager. The rotating head design is something I had previously only seen on pricier products, but finding it for this price range was a steal!!! The battery lasts long enough for a few sessions and the remote control works great. There hasn't been a purchase I have made in the last year that has affected my mood more positively (LOL). Can't recommend this enough. If your hesitant, trust me, you won't regret it.

Alex Rodriguez

I didn't know what to expect from this device but, having enjoyed a dissipation lifestyle in my younger days, I have found my prostate to be struggling these days. This was the challenge for this little device. I found it successful in some areas and still waiting for results in other areas. The fact that I can seemingly control my bladder more effectively is a positive. Any hope of sexual prowess improvement is untested so far. The alleged "milking" function didn't work for me but perhaps it will for you younger souls. It clearly takes some time to get used to, especially if you are new at this but, on the whole, I found it to be rewarding.

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