X A4 Drawstring Stroage Bag for Masturbation Cup

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Stay organized with this XA4 Drawstring Stroage Bag, perfect for stowing away your favorite Masturbation Cup. Designed with a secure, cinched drawstring closure, you can be sure your cup safely tucked away and ready for use at a moment's notice.

Customer Reviews

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Bill Alexander

Bought this bag and an airplane cup and lubricant.Keeping my toys extra sanitary is a big one and this bag does the job. Plus, it’s great for when you’re taking toys on the go without getting things mussed up.

Jack Pearson

They seems to work well, but the seems a little off. But other wise I like them. I'm using them to store toys and lubricant.

Christopher Adams

lack color, soft material. Unable to see through. The draw string is heavy duty and a will keep it securely closed. This bag will hold 1 or 2 masturbators cup, lube and charger cord. Worth the price, well made.

Mark Counsell

We use these for our toys and they fit perfectly.These help to protect them.Like most of you, got these to add some luxurious discreet protection for adult “toys.” Not that we NEED to hide anything but, let’s keep it classy, right?

Francois Mtz

These are perfect for medium-ish to big toys and didn't shrink in the drier - exactly what I was looking for!

Mike Carroll

Bought it and a stroker! Can hold a big toy or you can put multiple medium or small sized toys in one pouch.Perfect size!

Brian Finney

Fast discreet shipping. A little big for some of my boys. But other than that perfect.

John Gomes

Fits everything u need inside the bag

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