XR7 Male Masturbator 7 Frequency Rotation Suction Waterproof Blow Job Simulator


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Male Masturbator Rotation Suction Waterproof Blow Job Simulator


About this item

  • Super 2 in 1 : Masturbation and penis enlargement training in one with advanced motor automation. Sucking and spinning modes can be freely combined. If one mode doesn't push you to the edge, the 2-in-1 will, starting with 7 swivel modes. In addition, 7 vacuum suction modes have been added to the masturbator. Combinations of these patterns can produce different levels of pleasure.
  • Penis Enlargement Trainer : The design can not only enjoy the new masturbation experience brought by rotary clip suction, but also can generate vacuum suction to help penis erection and enlargement, with 7 suction levels, which can gradually train penis erection function and enhance sexual endurance.
  • Fully Waterproof : Compared with most of the electric male masturbators on the market, this is a rare masturbator that is completely waterproof and can work underwater, because it adopts a completely sealed design of the motor and battery, which can keep out the liquid.
  • Removable & Easy Cleaning : The inner clear sleeve is made of flexible TPE which is body friendly,After every long ”fun“.There is a disassembly mark at the indicator light,can take out the transparent sleeve and wash it with cold or warm water. Use only neutral or mild soaps. Soaps with high acid or alkaline content may damage the product materials.
  • After-Sales Service : We ship in private packaging so no one will know what's inside, and once you have any questions about the item, please leave us a message (Order Information - Seller Profile - Send Message) to get a satisfactory solution.
  • Use Tips : It takes 4 hours to fully charge and can be used for about 1 hour. A full charge before each storage will give it a longer lifespan. The run-time light flickers while the masturbator is working and charging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Don't buy this garbage.

First, it broke in a week. Second, it was only mediocre during its short life. Third it's more expensive than similar products.

Joe Chaffin

My first one like this. Definitely check the size to make sure it will work for you. Pretty easy use and clean up and works as you would expect.

Craig Graham

Definitely worth the purchase!

Tony Yurichich

This thing is awesome! I showed it to my buddies and now they want one!!!

Dylan Procter

Too tight even with tons of lube and the sucking is okay the rotation is good

Manuel Brown

Highly recommended! Really does the job well

Eli Thomas

So my wife is pregnant with twins and bedroom time has been nonexistent. Figured I'd try something like this out. Tonight I tried it and holy moly lol. Yes it's a little tight trying to get your member in but after that it did a great job. The "sucking" mode is almost too much. It's like trying to suck my member from inside out lol. You literally don't even have to hold the thing. It suctions to you like nothing I've ever seen before let alone feel. When I was done I actually didn't know how to get it off. The harder I pulled, the more suction it had. It kinda scared me. So much I used it again 10 minutes later

Roberto Mairo

It's really easy to use. Really value for money.

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