XS2 Quiet Male Masturbator 7 Modes Vibration Suction Easy Clean for Beginner


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About this item
  • Deep Throat Masturbation Cup , You love she kisses your penis with her warm lips, licks your big thing with her wet tongue, and prefers the teary eyes as your cock inserts into her throat. Do you? This Deep Throat Masturbation Cup will fulfill your wishes. She will use all her strength to suck your glans and her mouth will press the penis deeply. She is your seed collector. And she will swallow your cum cleanly, just as you wish.
  • Warm lips and wet throat,How to achieve real oral sex feelings? Of course it's the soft lips, deep into the throat and tongue licking. It's a squeezing feeling of one in and one out. This brand new oral sex toy has everything you want. Imagine she licked your glans first, then she wraps your entire penis in her soft mouth and starts swallowing in and out. You just need to close your eyes and enjoy your desire to conquer.
  • Tips to improve the experience,Every handy little detail can double your experience. Simple switch button, simple function button, so you don't have to think too much when you enjoy. Get started now! It only takes 3 seconds to open a new experience, and the 3 buttons can be switched freely, USB charging, which is simple and convenient. The lid at the bottom of the oral sex toy is more convenient for storage.
  • Sucking modes and 10 vibration modes,If there aren't too many sucking modes, that's a good thing. And multiple vibration modes give you more combinations. You can try multiple modes, and no need to worry about which way is more convenient. Just choose this one! The electric masturbator cup will not hurt you because it is too strong, nor will it feel so soft because it is too weak!
  • Privacy packaging and safety materials,Our Automatic Sucking Male Masturbators are made of harmless silicone material, which will not cause any harm to your sensitive parts. It is safe and healthy, and there is no need to worry when using it. Soft but not squishy, it is very wrapping and will bring you the best experience. When cleaning, please disassemble the inner tank separately, and do not let water enter the outer shell. Completely private packaging without leaving any privacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Ivan Rich

Great product! The different sucking and vibrating modes are great and provide variety. The device isn’t too loud either which allows for discreet fun. Highly recommend this device if you want to change up what you do for solo fun. It’s easy to charge and use and a really nice feeling toy.

Henry Graham

I love it

Michael Leese

Took a couple times but once you find the right amount of suction and the right type of vibration. It won't take you long.

Antimo Santoro

Great real feel where it counts. Like the real thing. The sucking motion was absolute heaven!

Alex Galindo

the sucking feature worked surprisingly better than i had thought before buying this. Charged up pretty quickly, sleek design so you cant really tell what it is without taking it apart. overall its great for whoever is into having sex with technology. it definitely touches you but nowhere near the intellectual touch of a human being.

Jordan Fletcher

some practice finessing the controls and you can get the suction and sensations you want. For a suction pump it is very strong and effective.

Dylan Hernandez

The silicone is soft and fits well. The suction action is awesome. Only thing that could be improved is no rotating part. The sleeve did come detached from the motor while in use. It is easy to clean and reassemble. Overall, a great product.

Gary Morey

Company customer service is top tier. They do a really good job. Product is great too

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