XS6 Strong Suction Vibration Male Masturbator Removable Sleeve Easy Clean&Dry


Style: X S6
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XS6 Automatic Male Masturbators

Our male masturbators have a plethora of different vibration modes - each offering its own journey for the user. Another amazing feature is the suction! It has multiple settings to deflate and inflate, which create different sensations. Other male masturbators suck without an exhaust just don't have deepthroat immersive feel that our male sex toys can give you. Also, these sex toys for men are made of silicone material that are covered with soft and bumped nubs.

Powerful Suciton & Vibration

This male masturbator has 10 different vibration settings that allow you to choose. The first 3 modes will be constant vibration, and the other 7 will have variable-speed vibrations. While 4 powerful suctions that range from pattern to power to meet the different needs. Plus, the panels on the outside you can press to compact and expand the soft inner channel that changes the rhythm of the suction to add to the sensation.

Unique Climax Pattern

Tap the "H” button quickly, this adult sex toy will switch to the strongest suction and vibration mode, helping to reach climax.

Tip: Be sure to apply a lot of lubricating oil when using.

Easy to Clean

There's a straw that you can use to flush the device out with water. Turn on the suction and dip the flesh-hole into a bowl of water, and then stick the straw to the exhaust so that you can direct the water to go into the sink. In this way, you can dilute any lube that might get stuck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Thomas Deans

Amazing Product! This sucker was the strongest most nicest quality of a product! I enjoyed every second of it!

Jesse Johnson

Definitely does the job and brings eye rolling, leg shaking pleasure for as long as you can last. I really needed this!

Whit Thompson

I love this toy. I get off every time I use it. It feels so good using it, and cleaning up is a snap.


The various modes had me going wild and just as it got messy it was just as much fun cleaning fast and easy and ready for the next use!!


This masturbator is exactly as advertised. Does what it says it does. Lots of fun! Suction not quite as good as the last model. Very easy to clean. Use lots of lube!!

Vincent Alexander Krow

Not to be too vulgar, but this thing does SO MUCH!!! Easy to use, just press a button and ur on ur way. So many modes of suction, vibration, pressure... your gf/partners gonna be jealous. Might wanna buy ALOT of lube cuz ur gonna be usimg this ALOT.

The best part of this thing is its so easy to clean. The motor comes off, and the "sleeve" opens up in half so its easy to clean and dry, never have to worry about using a clean "sleeve" to.....use.

Alan Gomelsky

It looks like its a well designed product, but all that is of no use, because the charge lasted for about 10 minutes. Maybe Its only my bad luck and I got one that is defective?
The seller contacted me and was kind enough to replace faulty product and new one. This one works well!


This works well and is solidly built. The function is great, it does what is says it does and does it well. Not much else to say here, except that it's well worth it. I really like how easy is it is to clean out. With a motorized pump, it may seem like that would be tough to clean, but nope! The grip section that holds all the electronics separates from the main part. They also include two tubes to attach to the pump intake/exhaust, so you can easily clean it in the sink without risking submerging the electronics.

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