XT2 Auto Stroker 10 Stroking Vibrating 4 Sucking 42 °Heating Masturbator


Style: X T2
Sale price$115.00


4 in 1 Automatic Male Masturbators Sex Toys for Men, Blowjob Pocket Pussy with 10 Thrusting & 10 Vibrating & 4 Sucking Modes, 40 ℃ Heating Realistic Textured Stroker for Men Self-Pleasure Hands Free

About this item

  • 【Powerful Sucking Function and Vibration for Realistic Climax】Unlike traditional masturbators, our Masturbator Stroker combines 2 upgraded new designs with both 4 powerful suction and 10 vibrations in order to give you the ultimate breakthrough masturbator!
  • 【10 Freely Adjustable Thrusting Function】As an ultimate masturbator, this masturbator not only features 4 Sucking and 10 Vibrations, but also a 10 freely Adjustable Thrusting, a 40 ℃ Heating function, and a One-touch Climax function. The powerful motor has long been 10 High-Speed Powerful Thrusting functions, even the hottest lover can easily replace.
  • 【"One-Click Climax"Makes You more comfortable】This male masturbator uses the latest vacuum pumping technology to more realistically simulate the process of swallowing and spitting during oral sex and intercourse. When you have finished preparing for ejaculation, try this orgasm function to make a nice ejaculation accompanied by your favorite way.
  • 【Premium Soft Flexible Material】Made of medical TPE material, non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic, and safe for the human body. The elastic material can adapt to any size. 5.5 inches of insertable length and the simulated womb opening at the bottom can definitely satisfy your desire to insert the bottom.We recommend using it together with sexual lubricant for a more natural sensual feeling.
  • 【Detachable & Easy to Clean】Compared to other masturbation toys, this male sex toy is whisper-quiet. It has a removable inner sleeve. First, stick your fingers into the cup, grasp the groove, gently separate the soft body of the inner sleeve from the internal vibrator and remove it directly from its housing. Then rinse with warm water to clean off any residual fluid. After cleaning the inner sleeve and drying it, put it back into the cup. It can be charged via the USB charging cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Shane Livengood

Cool thing!!! itself goes there and at the same time makes a vacuum. I do not regret buying, against the background of ordinary silicone this just space)) the power of the vacuum and the speed of operation is adjustable. Sucks very much, runs there quickly.

Mick Davis

I have bought no less than 5 automatic male masturbator cups. I own the big expensive ones too. this thing is awesome, Lower price and better quality. the multiple combinations of vibration,suction and stroke work you to a great orgasm. I highly recommend this male sex toy.

Martin Dobes

So cheap price, looking forward to a good product never used and now this model is more in mind.

Steven Snell

It was broken when I got it verything else I got was good

Dan Robinson

Great product! Works great! You can take it anywhere it looks like a speaker!! lol....

Lucas Cardozo

Out of the packaging I was immediately impressed with the build quality. Good heft but not annyingly heavy, an ideal toy if you want to feel like you're actually moving something around with substance. I think you'd be hard pressed to find something that checks all these boxes along with this price tag. Treat yourself get one while you can .

Bryant Phung

What I like about this item is that it gets the job done and it feels almost exactly the same as the real thing. Shamefully that when I used it I couldn't even stand the good feeling of it and didn't even last 10 seconds lol

Golden Richies

Toy Feels Wonderful and come with headphones

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