XP15 AAA Battery Adjustable Electric Penis Vacuum Pump with Scale

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Customer Reviews

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William Mccauley

You guys have great customer service

Vell Jack

I really love this pump. I had a similar one that was battery operated and it kept stopping. This is so easy to charge and operate. I like this model because you can use it hands free. Sometimes pumping is fun. Sometimes it’s work. So I like to be able to use my hands to do other things. I’m above average so the tube size is perfect thickness and length. Even for a smaller guy it would be great. Suction has multiple strengths and easy to move to your comfort. Suction is excellent. And simple to release pressure.

André Maechel

I’ve heard many things about a penis pump so I decided to get one myself. This toy was really good. A little lube and 1 minute later, my thing was rock hard. I love the different pressures this toy offers and I definitely see myself using this in the future.

Victor Mayfield

Well this was my first time using a penis enlargment pump and I was amazed. After unboxing it I was happy that the unit was already assembled. I charged it for about a hour then decided to try it. Now for the wow factor, let's say I was very sceptical I myself am AVERAGE this device right out of the gate added an inch on low power. I plan on working myself up to full power in the next few month's. Definitely a must have if your a dude trying to gain a bit in the bedroom. You will love it and your partner will too.

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