XP3 Manual Control Penis Trainer Enlargement Extender Vacuum Pump

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P 3 penis pump is a manual penis enlargement vacuum pump for man get hard and stay hard for penetrative sex.And you might use one if you have erectile dysfunction (ED).

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brody Goss

Was just as described and expected.

Debbie Butler

Awesome product!!

John Mcknight

I love this pump!! I’ve had a few in the path and there was always a leak, poor valves and faulty handles. This is so plain but so effective in doing what it's supposed to. The shipment came in a very discreet package and was super easy to unbox. I like that it comes with several different options for the covering at the end of the tube. I especially like the one that resembles a real thing but having two other sizes is very convenient as well. I honestly have paid much more for a pump that doesn’t function half as well as this one so I will call this money very well spent! Great company that always provides quality products. Don’t miss out on this deal!

Bentley Wolf

This pump provides a fun amount of suction and adds to my play.

Steve Baker

The suction on this pump is great, it had a really good seal. It definitely grew inside, but as soon as you release the pressure it doesn’t hold form. I think may have to use a c-ring with it. I will be doing some more experimenting with it. I’d recommend if you’ve never tried one before.

Dan Thompson

The pump has a good suction and fit. Definitely works well.

Jeferson Alves

The product comes in a discreet package along with an instruction manual. The pump is very easy to set up, easy to clean and easy to set up! The operation guidelines are easy to follow. Highly recommend this product if you would like to improve your erection and performance! You WILL SEE the difference as you use the product.

Mark Sullivan

I actually really liked this product. I was surprised cause of the price range but it actually works really well. The suction is strong though it does max out, I didn't need that much pressure. So I doubt maxing out is a thing on this pump. (Which is nice).

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