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Mark Osborn

I was surprised how cute and exquisite this product is. Besides that it’s very powerful and quiet too.

Kevin Heller

I was skeptical about the whole penis growth using pumps but this product has changed my mindset forever. Let me start by saying I had instant results after using this pump and it was fantastic. I keep up with it daily and after a week of pumping i have noticed a gain in girth and length. I am very satisfied with the product and extremely satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend this to others who want a larger or thicker size.

Ben Daniel

Probably the best pump I've ever owned. The ine thing i dislike about these pumps is that sometimes the suction can pull a nut inside which can be a sudden painful experience, even more so to remove it. Yikes

Wish there can be an engineering improvement to prevent that. I do however like the another rubber pussy fittings.it is so soft and flexible.

I love the big screen and easy selector buttons and the auto on off to maintain a consistent pressure.

Jason Reed

I wasn't expecting too much from this I was really more interested in increasing blood flow. I've been using it for about a month now and here's my results. First off I have good size when erect but am one of those guys you don't see it until then. This device has stretched the skin so its almost like I am not circumcised and it takes a little getting used too. There is some girth growth for a month I would say not bad. I don't think I'll see any real length growth but think this is a good device and delivers if you can use it regularly!!!

Anthony Hoyle

I love this pump for many reasons. Suction is great. SUPER EASY to operate and clean. Size of cylinder is perfect. It’s rechargeable. I had one that was battery operated and it kept flaking out. They also provide you with an extra silicone pussy that is detachable. My favorite thing is that once it’s pumped it’s hands free. I hate having to keep pumping with one hand and hold it with another. It’s excellent. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Joey Gulling

Item came in very discreet box with another box inside of it, it also came in good condition without any deformities. Product is easy to use and has AMAZING suction power, just be careful if your dick is on the thicker side

Brian Schackman

Great product. Suction is very strong and works really well. Clean up is easy and battery life lasts really long.

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