XP6 Electric 3 Speeds Press Control Vacuum Penis Pump with Scale


Sale price$49.81


X P6 Electric Penis Pump Handle Controls Three Powerful Suction Modes Vacuum Pump

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Customer Reviews

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James Westcom

I received the machine today, and I was quite impressed! My playmate she is loving using it on me! It also works well on her! Worth the money!

Brendin Pontinen

This pump is very powerful. It has 3 level settings and a pressure release button. I would buy this product again in the future.

Dustin Webb

This was a great product. The suction was great and I'm glad I was able to get it. Now let's see if something actually happens going forward.

Tom Kowalski

Strong suction, good seal, and once you look up the product and get better instructions that tell you how to turn it off quickly you're all set. Only thing that would make it better is a pressure gauge and if it would regulate to a set pressure rather than keep sucking till you turn it off or hurt yourself.Do pay attention to that, hold the button to turn it off if the pressure gets to much, because the button isn't a pressure setting, it's how quickly it pumps. So if you turn it on low and ignore it, it will create enough pressure after about 2 minutes to actually be remotely dangerous, I checked with a gauge and it was pushing past 12 in hg

Jake Walker

NOT for a larger member!!!

Williams James

There's not much I can say about this pump that hasn't already been said. Simply turn it on and your good to go. It can be a bit strong at times but you can press the mode button as it builds pressure and it will balance the pressure at that level. When you've had enough just press the release button and chamber depressurizes very quickly. I was new to pumps and this one proved that they're very effective.

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