XP8 Automatic Penis Pump 6 Modes Adjustable LED Display

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Operational Guidelines:

1. Ensure that all parts are securely connected.
2. Apply a little lubricant around the silicone ring to reduce friction.
3. Gently insert your penis, ensure that the seal is airtight around your penis.

Instructions for use:

1. Before using,please chagre it for 2 hours.
2. Long press the power button to turn on and off.
3. Automatic mode (operating mode will automatically cycle)
4. Manual mode (Short press change working mode)
5. Please press (exhaust key) or-key (shitt down key) long for deceleration or stop. If the exhaust speed is too fast, leadingto the penis with pull pain or discomfort.Please adjust to the pressure you feel most comfortable based on yourpersonal condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Derek Preston

I’ve used a few different pumps over the years, this is by far the best I’ve used. The automatic pump is great, and produces amazing suction. Took me a bit to get it just right with the controls, but once I did it was more than I had expected. This is the only pump I’m going to use now!!

Paul Standen

Really enjoyed the first few uses with this toy, the suction is great and the release valve is easy to use. I can't wait to keep using this. I highly recommend trying it out. The clean up was simple. The machine part comes off from the tube to make it easier to store in a drawer.

Lukas Dam

Pretty new to the whole pumping thing, but the results are pleasing. Especially at the price.

Joe Hamilton

Excellent product..allows you to get ready for your lady since it is rechargable..makes you twice the man you used to be...highly recommended !!!

Scott Burdette

This thing is great even though you only use it once a week for a couple minutes at a time I've significantly noticed a change after using it only twice.

Nick Vasquez

It definitely works! It really gets the blood where it’s supposed to go. It makes a difference!

Joseph Samuel

The suction power is much stronger than I expected it to be. Definitely want to start with a low suction. It's easy to use. The opening on the end to put yourself in is comfortable.