XS7 Male Masturbator 7 Modes Vibration Sucking Moaning Masturbation Cup


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Instruction to XS7
  • Experience ultimate pleasure with 7-frequency strong suction. XS7 provides deep, engrossing sensations that will have you on the edge of your ecstasy. Each mode meticulously designed to mimic the most authentic experiences, offering an intimate journey like never before.
  • Engage with the 7-frequency super vibration that comes with dual motors stimulation. Each mode is uniquely patterned to give a rich array of pulsations and intensities. This dual-action thrills you, targeting your sensitive spots with precision, escalating your pleasure to new heights.
  • Dive into a world of immersive sensuality with lifelike sexy voice interaction. Every moan and whisper is designed to create a convincing sensory atmosphere, making you feel like you are with a real partner.
  • Features a TPE Soft Sleeve which is odorless and free of oil. This guarantees a smooth, comfortable experience, ensuring that your focus remains entirely on your pleasure.
  • Enjoy up to 2 hours of unparalleled pleasure with our fast-charging feature. Compatible with various charging sources such as phone chargers, laptops, or power banks.
  • Achieve your peak with the quiet male masturbator, whose isopsophic index is less than 60dB. Experience the utmost discretion while enjoying the powerful, immersive sensations. Its quiet operation ensures your intimate moments remain private, delivering pleasure that's both silent and potent.


Material:  ABS+TPE
Weight 1.8 lbs
Waterproof No
Charging Time 2 Hours
Run Time >90 Mins
Mute 60 DB
Package included:
  1. Masturbation cup
  2. Charging cable
  3. Headphone
  4. Manual
  • XS7 is not 100% waterproof, Please do not wash the whole machne in water


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carlos Nelson

Honestly one of the best toys out there! Really shocked it’s not priced at more, I’ve spent more money on others that are half it’s worth

Isaac Sefuthi

I definitely enjoyed using this tool. Unlike the other toys I have experienced, this one does a great job with power. Some would die or go slower but this one is quick with the pace. I enjoy it much so and it is so easy to clean up.The casing is ideal for travel without asking too much questions. It makes some noise but the 7 functions will get you where you need to go. Highly suggest this product.

Ben Port

Super powerful motor & performs like a $100 product. Would def recommend it!

Carlos Guardado

item arrived safely and secure packaging item as described have tried it yet

Phil Davies

Great suction, pick your pace, easy to clean, and always ready to go. Great product.

James Wise

This product is sensational, I've tried a few different ones from local shops but this one hit so much better. The combinations of different textures and sensations is phenomenal and it pairs well with a creamy lube. I'm still exploring it and trying out things with it, but so far it's my favourite! Easy to clean and maintain, charges quickly, and gets the job done efficiently with an amazing feeling! Would absolutely recommend for someone looking for a pretty powerful toy made of quality materials at an amazing price!

Destiny Hoerning

Bought this as a gift for my husband and wasn't not disappointed! Excellent design, and easy to use!

Billy Cresswell

First time using one of these and I enjoy it. Good stimulation and strong suction power in a variety of modes and vibrations, yet not overpowering where you might orgasm too soon. It's just right. It's good to use solo or as a couples' toy involving some teasing and/or light BDSM.

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