XT24 10 Frequency Telescoping Ball Bearing Auto Stroker For Men


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XT24 10 Frequency Telescoping Ball Bearing Auto Stroker For Men


【10 frequencies of vibration, twitch up and down】amovibe's mens automatic stroker has vibration and twitch modes, and the powerful motor provides a variety of different frequencies for you to get different orgasms of sexual experience. Both novice and veteran players can find a frequency that suits them. Jerking up and down simulates real vaginal sex.

【One-touch orgasm】The one-touch orgasm button is located on the top of the mens automatic stroker, near the on/off button, providing incredible vibration and pulsation, creating an unforgettable experience that you can repeat anytime.

【Realistic Material】The soft inner sleeve has a unique texture, the rich flesh wall granulation folds will tightly wrap your penis, a real simulated vagina, allowing men to enjoy masturbation more, while training his penis during insertion last longer.

【Easy to clean】The mens automatic stroker of amovibe is composed of an outer unit and an inner liner. After use, you only need to disassemble the fuselage, take out the inner liner and place it in clean water.

Customer Reviews

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Rowan Hunter

The first thing that I absolutely love about this is that it uses a micro-USB charger, which means if you misplace the charging cord for this, you can still use any other micro-USB cord that I'm sure we all have lying around the house or in a random drawer or box somewhere.
The sleeve moves in a very irregular pattern, and is great for edging or for getting you or your partner over that edge to completion!


It feels nice, soft andwrap around perfectly. I like how the different speed and patters give me options to suit my mood and need. I have had a little difficulty in taking it apart to clean but it's not impossible. Definitely need to be average size or greater to feel the full effect.


Loved this toy! It’s easy to charge (usb). Has multiple settings for play. Easy to clean the cover comes off and you can wash is with Dawn or other gentle soap. The only problem I had with is it can be loud, but overall really enjoyed it and will now be in my collection.


The Lumodia is a really great toy. Its rechargeable battery makes it easy to use wherever, whenever. It feels great with multiple settings ranging in speed and pattern. And it’s pretty easy to clean too. Would definitely recommend!


I got this as a gag gift and thought I would just keep it for myself. This is an incredible product!!! I cannot recommend this enough!! Use with your partner or by yourself! Long life of charge too! RECOMMEND TO ALL!

L.J. Whitehead

There are many aspects I love. One the instructions are incredibly easy to under. Two the machine is a perfect size and not heavy. Three it doesn’t make a lot of noise so it isn’t distracting. Finally it feels amazing. After applying a generous of liquid based lubricant, the machine creates a euphoric experience. It’s a definite recommend and a happy purchase.


What a fun toy. With different stroke options, this toy is always fun to use. And the headphone jack is a nice bonus. Cleanup is easy. Open it up, remove the sleeve, and wash it up. My partner and I have so much fun with this.

Jarrel Mack

For me this took some getting used to but overall it works great. Able to choose various speeds with the touch of a button.

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