XV4 Vibrating Thrusting Fast Heating Handheld Masturbator with 3 Sleeves

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• Thrusting function: 300 thrust per minute

• Dual vibrating motor on both sides

• Hygienic, reusable sleeve

• With heating function

• 4 different patterns

• Special design for easy operation

Three types of sleeves are available.

  • Standard sleeves: spiral tightening at the entrance, rubbing folds at the middle, and vacuum sucking at the end. Stimulation, softness and comfort are balanced.
  • Realistic sleeves: the entrance is gently stroked, the spiral is tightened upwards, and the middle section is wrapped with particles. It is more comfortable and suitable for beginners.
  • Stimulation sleeves: the spiral lines at the entrance are twisted upwards, twisted reversely, the big particles in the middle section are massaged back and forth, and the bottom is buckled to stimulate. The stimulation is obvious, and it is suitable for high-level players.


• Charging time: 3 hours

• Run time: 1 hours

• Stimulation modes: 4vibration modes

• Size: 196 x 88 x 216.5mm, internal sleeve size: 28mm x 121mm

• Noise: around 65db

• The sleeve is waterproof, the cup can not be submerged in the water.

• Material: TPE, ABS


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