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XS9 Double Handle Control Auto Stroker

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XspaceCup, a professional male masturbator online store, was founded by Edison Luo, a passionate expert in the male masturbator industry. XspaceCup was Inspired SpaceX.Just as Musk pushes boundaries of space industry and redefines what is possible, we strive to do the same in the world of men masturbators. Edison Luo is a passionate expert in the field. Like Musk, he has a firm pursuit of innovation, expertise and perfection.With his extensive knowledge and experience, Edison set out to create a brand that offers the highest quality male masturbation devices, catering to the unique needs of different customers.

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How to use a masturbator cup

How to use a male masturbator?

How to use a masturbator cup

XSPACECUP: Professional Male Masturbator Brand

Male masturbators are toys used for male solo masterbation. There are many types of male masturbators on the market. As a professional male masturbator website, we have carefully selected many high-quality automatic male masturbators from the huge male sex toy market, and classified these automatic masturbators so that our different customers can find the most suitable masterbator for them and enjoy the most pleasurable masturbation experience. Here is some guidance for you to find your best automatic masturbator at XspaceCup.



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Before your purchase:we offer professional product recommendation to help you find the right item you want.After the payment: we can provide relevant tips and maintenance knowledge.

As a professional brand in masturbator field. XspaceCup focuses on automatic male masturbators. According to the functions of the current popular automatic masturbators on the market, we have divided our masturbation cups into the following series.

 X blowjob series:This collection offers the best automatic male masturbators that will bring you realistic oral sex feeling. And the blowjob function automatic masturbators are also very popular in recent years.

X thrusting series:The automatic masturbators in this collection are mainly telescopic. Of course some have other functions as well. These masturbator strokers can help you bid farewell to the era of masturbating with your hands. They won't feel tired like your hands. As long as they are fully charged, you can lie comfortably and let them work for you.

X sucking series:The auto masturbators in this collection are mainly based on the sucking function. These sucking masturators may not allow you to get off quickly, but they are indeed companions that bring you lasting pleasure. Their suction can enlarge your penis, and you can also use it as a vacuum pump. Along with other vibrating functions, they are a great 2-in-1 masturbator.

 X Rotating series:This collection is mainly based on the spinning male masturbator, rotating in various modes and frequencies, soft and textured inner sleeve, coupled with the strong stimulation of other functions. They can give you amazing feelings and make you ejaculate with pleasure.

X Vibrating series:This series is mainly based on vibrating automatic masturbators. The super strong vibration can bring strong stimulation to your penis, combined with other functions and structures, it can be used as a good penis enhancement trainer and erection stimulatorfor ED, which is beneficial to help men enhance their sexual function.

Quickly find what you want

As a professional male masturbator brand,All products are carefully selected and classified in detail so that our customers can easily find the products they want.

Get more than they paid

Compared to buying from other websites. Shop male masturbator at XspaceCup, you will get extra gift such storage bag, Cleaning cloth,Usb heating rod ect.

Reasonable prices

Even for the same product, our price will be more competitive than other stores. Is it because our products are of poor quality? on the contrary, all our products are directly from the factory, with the good relationship with the factory, we can get the best and newest products at the lowest price

Adhering to a professional and responsible attitude, the contents of XspaceCup are all original, all descriptions, pictures and videos are carefully edited and produced by our team, even if it is the same product, you can see its best display in XspaceCup .

XspaceCup insists on starting from the customer's point of view, and is good at listening to customers' opinions and suggestions. A large number of product reviews are the best feedback from customers to us.

In addition, we provide a fast and secure payment environment to ensure the safety of your property.XspaceCup provides 24/7 online consultation. If you have any questions, you can contact us in any time by phone or email.

FAQs About Male Masturbator

If you have no idea how to find the best male auto masturbator for you here, please refer to the following suggestions.

Choose by function

As mentioned before, the masturbation cups on our website are mainly classified by function, so if you have your own preferred function, then you can enter the corresponding collection page to choose your favorite masturbator machine.

Use filter

If you have other preferences or requirements for automatic masturbator, then you can find our filter in the collection page male masturbator, where there are more detailed functions, such as hands-free, waterproof, heating, etc. In addition, you can also filter by other criteria, such as price, size, etc. If you think there are other factors that can be used as screening conditions, you can also tell us, and we will improve it later.

Refer to Product Reviews

As a professional online store with more than 6,000 loyal customers, our customers have left many very valuable reviews and feedback on our products. The number of product reviews to some extent represents how much customers like the product. You can also find the best male masturbators you want through the pictures in the product reviews, or the content of the reviews.

Refer to product details or product video

On each product page, you can find description pictures and highlight text introductions about product details. You can use this information to find out the features and functions of the relevant products. If you want to know more and more real content, you can also watch our product introduction video, which is a product explanation we carefully filmed for customers. Through the video, you can better understand our products and services, so as to find your favorite masturbator cup.

Contact us

If you still have doubts about choosing a masturbation cup through the above suggestions, it doesn't matter. As a professional male masturbator brand, we not only have excellent products, but also professional experts who can help you. Our professional team will find the most suitable masturbation cup for you according to your requirements.

Lubricant is essential

For a continuous frictional movement, lubrication is the first job. If you don't want your penis to be injured, it is best to add the right amount of lubricant to your penis and the inner sleeve before use. This will make your movements silkier and more realistic.

Preheat the sleeve

The masturbator sleeve is made of silicone and has no temperature, but if you want your masturbation cup to be as warm as a vagina, then you can use the heating rod to preheat the sleeve. Some heating male masturbators with built-in heating or heated bases make this job easier. You just need to warm up the sleeve about 15 minutes early and you can enjoy a game of next-level comfort.

Use with other toys

If you want to get more intense pleasure, it is a good way to use it with other toys. For example, we can use it with a vibrating cock ring. Some cock rings can even wrap around your testicles, so that you can enjoy the double pleasure of your penis and balls at the same time. A prostate massager is also a good choice. Although this is wild, the feeling of simultaneous orgasm will definitely make you unforgettable.

Enjoy a visual feast

If you don't enjoy the scenery along the way, there is not much meaning in reaching the destination. Some videos full of passion and temptation may be able to evoke the wildness in your heart, stimulate your desire, satisfy your fantasy, and free yourself to the fullest. Go and give it a try.

Comfortable environment and posture

Masturbation can also be romantic if treated like a date. A cozy place, be it the couch, the bed, or even on the toilet. If you use a waterproof masturbator, you can also enjoy it in the bathtub. Posture is also important, lying or sitting, as long as it feels comfortable. Spraying on some perfume will bring the atmosphere to a higher level, and it would be nice to play some music to mask the noise of the machine. Solo with a sense of atmosphere will make you more enjoyable.

Generally speaking, male masturbation devices have many benefits, which can relieve men's sexual pressure and meet their physiological needs. But there are also some points to pay attention to when using the masturbator machine.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: please be sure to clean your masturbator before and after use. Of course, your penis also needs to be taken care of. Pay attention to the frequency of use: Using the automatic masturbator is a very enjoyable thing, but if you overuse it, the body will suffer. We recommend using it 3 to 4 times a week.

Reasonable installation and disassembly of your masturbator: different masturbators have different structures, so the methods of disassembly and installation will be different. Random disassembly may even cause damage to the masturbator cup. Therefore, when you get an unfamiliar masturbator machine, it is recommended that you watch our video or cleaning instructions before disassembling your masturbators.

Regarding cleaning auto masturbators, the following points need attention.

Do not wash the sleeve with too hot water. It is recommended to use room temperature or warm water not exceeding 40°F for cleaning. Overheated water temperature will damage it.

Never turn the sleeve inside out to clean, as this will shorten its service life, just open it and rinse it with water.

Do not use alcohol or disinfectant to clean the sleeve. This will damage it.

After cleaning, be sure to dry the water with our cleaning cloth or towel, and then use the stand or heating base to dry the sleeve.

About the maintenance of auto masturbators.

After drying the sleeve, it is recommended to use baby powder to pat on the surface to prevent it from being oily or odor.

Please store the cleaned masturbator cup in a cool place away from sunlight and high temperature.

If you do not use the masturbator machine for a long time, please charge it once every six months to avoid battery damage.

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