What is X space cup?

X space cup-brand of masturbation cup sex toys for male

X series space cup is a new brand masturbator cup coming out in 2021,Developed by Shenzhen Jujiang Chuanshi Technology Co., Ltd which is a manufacturers dedicated to the research and development of new masturbator cups.

There are currently three products in the x-series, X0/X1/X2.And we will have another two new products X3&X4 coming soon.The main functions of our products are automatic/vibrating/sucking/thrusting/rotating/moaning/heating,ect.

Our designs are inspired by space exploration,With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the pace of exploration has moved from the earth to outer space.So do our masturbation cups.At present, there are too many stereotyped aircraft cups on the market.However,we don't follow their steps.Our philosophy is the same as space exploration, through continuous research and development, to a higher stage.

We will not stop the pace of our research and development. In the future, we will provide better and more innovative products to the market, so that our products can provide men with a better enjoyment experience, and let more people know about X space cup.


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