Tips for X T1 Xspacecup

Tips for X T1 Xspacecup

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1,Multi Play

Our X T1 have multi functions and hands free suction mount.Therefore,you can enjoy multi funs from it.

Hands-free play:Use the wall mouth stick the machine on the ground near the sofa or your desk.and than adjust to the right angle and lube the sleeve.Turn on your TV or computer and find a porn,turn on the masturbator and adjust the frequency.You can set your hands free and enjoy a long masturbation journey.

Hand on play:Sit or lie down on the bed or sofa with relaxed posture,find some picture or video that aroused you.You should have a good time throughout the whole process not just in the end. Think about masturbation as if it were a musical spectacle not a race. It’s all about the process not any final destination awaiting at the end.

2,Best combi

Cock Ring

A cock ring will help you lasting longer.Moreover,a ball vibration cock ring will perform better.As the masturbator only stroking the penis,therefore,it would like the icing on the cake if you wear a ball vibrating cock ring,you will get dual stimulation both cock&balls.No doubt this sensation will make you straighten your toes.

Prostate Massager

If you want to have more strong stimulation,a auto prostate massager will take you to the climax.Moreover,prostate massagers are more than just sex toys. Men can use them to alleviate symptoms associated with prostatitis and other sexual health problems.

3,How to use?

Turn on/off button:Long press to turn on/off and short press for voice.

Thrusting button:Short press to adjust 10 differ modes and long press to stop

Vibrating button:Short press to adjust 10 differ modes and long press to stop

Sucking button:Short press to adjust 4 differ modes and long press to stop

4,How to clean?

Our X T1 is not waterproof,therefore,we can not wash it derectly in the water.Firstly we need to take out the sleeve and wash it soap and water.let it dry naturally.Use wet tissue or towel to wipe the body of the masturbator,then dry it again.


The surface of the sleeve should be coated with baby powder to prevent moisture and mildew, and it can also reduce oil production and prolong life. (Do not use protective powder inside, and be sure to wash the protective powder next time) After applying the baby powder, you can put it in the storage bag.


Lube is must need before use it.Don’t forget to clean the masturbator before&after use it.And don’t forget to clean your penis too.

Be sure to pay attention to proper use. We suggest not to use the masturbator too frequently, otherwise it will cause damage to the body.