XT4 6-in-1 Huge Suction Male Stroker Heating Base Hands Free

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  • With 7 frequency fast stroking, you can enjoy a variety of thrilling sensations and intensities, allowing you to find the perfect level of pleasure.
  • 7 frequency powerful suction will provide you with an unforgettable experience, as it provides you with a variety of stimulating sensations.
  • With the one-click climax function, you can reach the ultimate orgasm with just one click, making for an amazing and pleasurable experience.
  • The sexy moaning and real narrow channel will make you feel like you are having sex with a real person, making your experience even more intimate.
  • The fast heating base can help you to warm up the sleeve fast before use,and dry it quickly after cleaning.
  • The suction wall mount lets you mount your stroker on the wall or the ground to set your hands free, and adjust a comfortable angle for better experience.
Material: ABS+TPE
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Waterproof: No
Charging Time: 4 Hours
Run Time: >60 Mins
Mute: 60 DB

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Ryan Ciaburri

This thing gets me off hard, and quick. If you get as little aggressive it changes directions instead of slowing, or stopping.

Matt McAlister

Very nice piece of equipment with great choices for stroking and suction.



Dayne Bennett

Careful, this thing will suck the soul right out of you! Just attach it to a wall, sit back, keep your hands relaxed behind your head & let this toy do all the work. The thrusting added with the suction gets me to a throbbing orgasm rather quickly. Get it. Its worth it

Jan Purchart

I love the Twist motion which makes it very easy and fun! I highly recommend

Gavin Gans

I can't emphasize how amazing the toy is. I wish I bought one earlier. I think every man needs to have one. It provides a wonderful alternative to the old fashion way. The toy has a plethora of modes to match your sensitivity between the vibration and gripping modes. You can use them at the same time or on their own. I think one of the interesting parts of it is the heater. I never thought about a toy having that mode. It's great. It's easy to clean. The sleeve is soft but thick, so you don't need to fear ripping it every time you remove it to clean. I think what separates this auto stroker from the ones you get on most sites is the wall mount. It has changed everything, to say the least... Very fun and allows for creativity and a genuine hands-free experience. The wall mount in addition to the auto stroker elevates this toy into being a tool every guy needs, especially at this price.

Willy Martin

My first product like this so don't have any others to go by. Buy it. It's worth a go.

Simon Knight

It is very easy to use , and easy to clean up ! I enjoy it very much

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