XS2 Male Masturbator Mute 7 Modes Vibration Suction Easy Clean for Beginner

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Instruction to XS2

  • 7 Frequency clamp suction provides a variety of intense and stimulating sensations, giving you an experience that you won't soon forget.
  • 7 Frequency super vibration allows you to choose from 7 different intensity levels, providing you with an unbeatable level of pleasure.
  • The Quiet masturbator has an Isopsophic index of less than 60dB, so you can enjoy your pleasure discreetly.
  • Non-slip design ensures that your pleasure stays where it needs to be and that you are in full control.
  • The Fast Charging technology allows you to charge your toy in just 2 hours, so you can get back to pleasure as soon as possible.
  • Easy to use and clean, so you can enjoy your pleasure without any hassle.

Material:  ABS+TPE
Weight 1.36 lbs
Waterproof  No
Charging Time 2 hours
Run Time >60 Mins
Mute 60 DB
Package included:
  1. Masturbation cup
  2. Charging cable
  3. Manual
  • XS2 is not 100% waterproof, Please do not wash the whole machne in water

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Ivan Rich

Great product! The different sucking and vibrating modes are great and provide variety. The device isn’t too loud either which allows for discreet fun. Highly recommend this device if you want to change up what you do for solo fun. It’s easy to charge and use and a really nice feeling toy.

Henry Graham

I love it

Michael Leese

Took a couple times but once you find the right amount of suction and the right type of vibration. It won't take you long.

Antimo Santoro

Great real feel where it counts. Like the real thing. The sucking motion was absolute heaven!

Alex Galindo

the sucking feature worked surprisingly better than i had thought before buying this. Charged up pretty quickly, sleek design so you cant really tell what it is without taking it apart. overall its great for whoever is into having sex with technology. it definitely touches you but nowhere near the intellectual touch of a human being.

Jordan Fletcher

some practice finessing the controls and you can get the suction and sensations you want. For a suction pump it is very strong and effective.

Dylan Hernandez

The silicone is soft and fits well. The suction action is awesome. Only thing that could be improved is no rotating part. The sleeve did come detached from the motor while in use. It is easy to clean and reassemble. Overall, a great product.

Gary Morey

Company customer service is top tier. They do a really good job. Product is great too

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