XS6 Male Masturbator 7 Suction Vibration Removable Sleeve Easy Clean & Dry

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@sadako2020 (X)

This XS6 male masturbator by xspacecup is my new favorite! The suction, the vibrations, and the sounds snatched me up

Kayako Yamamura

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  • The 7 Frequency Strong Clamp Suction feature provides a spectrum of engaging sensations. Each frequency offers a unique intensity, allowing for an unforgettable personalized pleasure journey.
  • 7 Frequency Super Vibration setting offers seven vibration intensities, delivering a thrilling pleasure experience. Whether you prefer a gentle tremor or a strong pulsation, this feature ensures an unmatched level of satisfaction.
  • The innovative One-Click Release Air Pressure function ensures optimal comfort and satisfaction. A single click regulates the air pressure, providing you with the control to customize the intensity of your experience.
  • Experience enhanced realism with our Lifelike Sexy Moaning Interactive feature. These captivating sounds create an immersive and sensual atmosphere, adding a layer of reality to your intimate moments.
  • Reach the peak of pleasure with One-Click Climax function. This feature offers an immediate and powerful orgasm at the highest frequency with just one click, ensuring an unforgettable climax.
  • The Detachable Design allows for effortless cleaning, maintaining your toy in top condition. This design ensures that your pleasure moments are as convenient as they are satisfying.







Charging Time

4 hours

Run Time

>60 Mins


65 DB

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jesse Johnson

Definitely does the job and brings eye rolling, leg shaking pleasure for as long as you can last. I really needed this!

Daniel Phillips
The first time I used it

I really like it. It has a good vibration to it and the battery lasts for a long time. It’s one of the better ones I’ve used.

Whit Thompson

I love this toy. I get off every time I use it. It feels so good using it, and cleaning up is a snap.


The various modes had me going wild and just as it got messy it was just as much fun cleaning fast and easy and ready for the next use!!


This masturbator is exactly as advertised. Does what it says it does. Lots of fun! Suction not quite as good as the last model. Very easy to clean. Use lots of lube!!

Vincent Alexander Krow

Not to be too vulgar, but this thing does SO MUCH!!! Easy to use, just press a button and ur on ur way. So many modes of suction, vibration, pressure... your gf/partners gonna be jealous. Might wanna buy ALOT of lube cuz ur gonna be usimg this ALOT.

The best part of this thing is its so easy to clean. The motor comes off, and the "sleeve" opens up in half so its easy to clean and dry, never have to worry about using a clean "sleeve" to.....use.

Alan Gomelsky

It looks like its a well designed product, but all that is of no use, because the charge lasted for about 10 minutes. Maybe Its only my bad luck and I got one that is defective?
The seller contacted me and was kind enough to replace faulty product and new one. This one works well!


This works well and is solidly built. The function is great, it does what is says it does and does it well. Not much else to say here, except that it's well worth it. I really like how easy is it is to clean out. With a motorized pump, it may seem like that would be tough to clean, but nope! The grip section that holds all the electronics separates from the main part. They also include two tubes to attach to the pump intake/exhaust, so you can easily clean it in the sink without risking submerging the electronics.

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