XS8 Male Masturbator Suction Vibration for Beginner

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Instruction to XS8
  • Equipped with an advanced 7-frequency strong suction feature. XS8 offers profound, immersive sensations, expertly mimicking genuine intimacy. It's designed to provide a tailored experience, improving overall satisfaction and pleasure for users.
  • Enrich your intimate moments with 7-frequency super vibration, amplified by dual motors for comprehensive stimulation. Each unique vibration setting caters to different desires, delivering pulsating waves directly to your sensitive areas.
  • Steps beyond physical stimulation, offering an auditory experience with lifelike voice interaction. Creates a more immersive and personal sensory atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.
  • The TPE Soft Sleeve incorporated into our product design prioritizes comfort and safety. It's oil-free and odorless, ensuring a smooth and realistic experience.
  • Operating at an isopsophic index less than 60dB, offering discretion without compromising on power. The low noise level maintains privacy, thereby promoting a worry-free and immersive experience.
Material:  ABS+TPE
Weight 1.72 lbs
Waterproof  No
Charging Time 5 Hours
Run Time >90 Mins
Mute 63 DB
Package included:
  1. Masturbation cup
  2. Charging cable
  3. Headphone
  4. Manual
  • XS8 is not 100% waterproof, Please do not wash the whole machne in water


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mark Hymers

OK so I have never used a toy of this kind.

Marco Alejandro

It is a actual auto thruster not like others on here that they say they are and all they do is suction it works very well and last for a long time has many different modes to enjoy and clean up is pretty easy recommend using a lube and for the price it really is worth i would say it’s worth more honestly

Dave Hooper

May I say I’ve been having a lot of fun with this toy. The suction feels great but it you don’t like to many different vibrations this is perfect for you. Great toy the best part about it is it’s very easy to keep clean.

Stephen Dean

I love everything about the item, this thing makes loud great farting noises when you thrust in it~ and the vibrating added with the suction actually made the experience heaven!!!

Anthony Michels

for the price it was not bad

James Coll

Thing has a powerful vibrator in it, will easily slowly suck everything out of ya.
But... I'm not an overly large lad, just bigger than most and this doesn't go as deep as I wish.
probably good if you are an average guy, but it is only about 5inches deep. So it doesn't give you the full suck.

Aman Kumar

I like this product it was easy to use and clean.

Danny Kim

I have a couple of different flashlights and masturbator toys that I have rotated through over the last couple of years. I started looking for a toy that was hopefully a better fit and a smoother experience. I was recommended this particular masturbator toy by a friend of mine. After receiving and testing out the new toy multiple times, I was ecstatic to know I finally found the perfect masturbator for me. I was completely blown away by how comfortable and enjoyable the fit was. Even with being someone that has a sensitive head, I never experienced any discomfort/pain, which is a huge plus. My number one satisfaction with this toy is that every end-of-session is quite powerful and it definitely leaves me satisfied.

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