XV3 Male Masturbator Vibration Electric Shock Tickle Stimulator for Small Penis

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Instruction to XV3


Material:  ABS+TPE
Weight 0.78 lbs
Waterproof No
Charging Time 3 Hours
Run Time >60 Mins
Mute 60 DB
Package included:
  1. Masturbation cup
  2. Charging cable
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. Storage bag
  5. Heating rod
  6. Manual
  • XV3 is not 100% waterproof, Please do not wash the whole machne in water


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brandon James

I messaged the seller about the damaged silicone insert. They offered to replace the insert and sent me an entire new device. I haven't run into issues with it. It works perfectly. Customer service was amazing.

So, this thing worked wonders at first. But after about 2 weesk of use, I noticed some tearing on the silicone cup. At that point, I stopped using it at risk of damaging the internals with lubricant. I would love to just get a replacement cup or something but that doesn't really seem to be an option that I was able to find.

I would love to give this product glowing reviews, but durability is an important factor when it comes to how you rate these products.

Nick Vidrine

Seemed pretty simple and easy to use.

Steve Clark

Product definitely delivers on its promise!

Jonathan Lopez

This is a perfect addition to your toy collection. The vibration grips my piece just right. Not my go to toy but def one to pick up for a different type of self pleasure!

Simon Josh

This is a great addition to my toy collection. All the functions work wonderfully. Inside has a very humane feeling and the finish is very enjoyable.

Robert Howard

This is my new favorite toy. The vibration is very strong it feels amazing I've been using it a lot since I've bought it. Works great and is very durable. Definitely would recommend spending your money on this one.

Lee Parker

It’s a really fun toy it doesn’t make that much noise it’s kinda quiet but it does a great job at what it’s supposed to do. The packaging was very discrete so no worry there. It’s also really easy to clean just take out the white part and that it. I say buy it and just try it out for yourself

Scott Scratch

This was such an amazing product! The item itself was well designed. It is sleek amd ergonomically. The vibration is so stronge and can be easily get hard.

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