How To Clean Your Male Masturbator?

How To Clean Your Male Masturbator?

Male masturbator cleaning and maintenance. The latest cleaning methods for various types of men masturbators and some tips for maintenance.
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Are you sure your masturbator cup is really clean? With the popularity of masturbator cups in recent years, all kinds of cups have appeared on the market. More features and complex structures also mean greater difficulty in cleaning. In this article, I will share various ways to clean masturbator cups with everyone. As a professional male masturbator cup website, we not only sell masturbator cups but also hope to provide our customers with a safe and hygienic user experience. Buy happily, play joyfully at Xspacecup!

The Importance of Cleaning Male Masturbator

Personal Hygiene

The reproductive system of the human body is often more delicate compared to other parts. Therefore, maintaining its cleanliness is crucial. Regularly cleaning the male masturbator not only effectively removes bacteria and reduces infection risks but also ensures personal health. Developing good cleaning habits to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the male masturbator is crucial in preventing bacterial growth and infections. This ensures a safe and comfortable usage environment, avoiding health issues caused by not cleaning the male masturbator.

Product Longevity

Regularly cleaning the male masturbator significantly impacts its longevity. If the male masturbator is not cleaned promptly after use, it may lead to the accumulation of residues such as bodily fluids and lubricants inside. These residues can corrode the surface of the masturbator or cause material aging, thus shortening its lifespan. Especially for male masturbators made of silicone or TPE, failure to clean them in time may facilitate bacterial growth, accelerating material wear and reducing product durability. Therefore, regular cleaning of the male masturbator not only maintains its cleanliness and hygiene but also prolongs its lifespan, enhancing product performance and quality.

How to Clean Male Masturbators?

Pocket Pussy

Pocket pussies are typically made of thick silicone or TPE, with realistic internal textures and often narrower passages to simulate a lifelike experience, making cleaning more challenging. Many users mistakenly turn the inside over for cleaning convenience, which is a fatal error. First, never turn any type of inner sleeve inside over for cleaning! Due to material characteristics, repeated flipping can lead to rupture, which is fatal. The correct approach is to slightly open the entrance, run water from the tap into the inner sleeve until it overflows, letting the flowing water automatically flush out the dirt, then apply shower gel or soap, clean the inner walls and exterior by hand scrubbing. Use fingers to dig inside, then rinse under the tap, flip it upside down to shake out the water, dig inside again, rinse, shake out the water, repeat until clean, until there are no more foam inside (recommended to use cold water during cleaning, avoid using water above 40 degrees Celsius, as it can age the inner lining quickly).

Automatic stroker

This type of male masturbator is often easier to clean as their inner sleeves are easily removable. Simply pull out the inner sleeve, rinse the interior with water as done with pocket pussies, then wipe with shower gel or soap, and rinse thoroughly. Besides the inner sleeve, remember to clean the machine's casing and internal components to prevent bacterial growth and infections. Since the casing is typically not waterproof, do not submerge it in water; instead, use a damp cloth or towel for wiping.

Blowjob machine

Many blowjob machines have detachable inner parts for cleaning. Apart from the non-waterproof batteries and motor parts, other components can be soaked and cleaned in water. Finally, wipe non-waterproof parts with a damp cloth or towel. However, be cautious while disassembling the inner parts; some require careful rotation to detach, avoiding forceful extraction to prevent damage.

Vibrating masturbator

Vibrating masturbators often include vibrating eggs embedded within the inner sleeve, with some connected to the masturbator via wires. When removing the inner sleeve, maintain distance to avoid wire breakage, which could render the vibrating function unusable. After removing the inner sleeve, clean it thoroughly along with the casing and internal parts. Carefully clean the surface of the vibrating egg and the embedded parts to prevent contamination and corrosion.

Heating masturbator

Heating masturbators are relatively easy to clean. For internal heating types, ensure to dry and prevent rusting after cleaning due to the metal plates used for heating. For heating base types, wipe the base clean, and use the heating base to dry the inner sleeve faster

Maintaining Male Masturbators

After cleaning male masturbators, maintenance is crucial. Proper maintenance not only prevents bacterial growth and maintains hygiene but also prevents product aging and extends usage life. Here are some maintenance tips for male masturbators:


After cleaning, thoroughly air dry the male masturbator to prevent bacterial growth from residual moisture. Gently pat dry with a clean towel or tissue, then place it in a ventilated area to dry.


Regularly disinfect the male masturbator using specialized disinfectant solutions or UV lights to kill bacteria and maintain hygiene.


When storing the male masturbator, use dedicated bags or boxes to avoid contact with other items and external contamination, ensuring hygiene and privacy.

Avoid Oil-Based Lubricants:

Male masturbator inner sleeves are usually compatible with water-based lubricants but avoid using oil-based or silicone-based lubricants as they can damage the sleeve.


Remember to recharge the male masturbator after use or prolonged non-use to avoid damage to the battery and extend product lifespan.

Through proper cleaning and maintenance, not only can personal hygiene be maintained and product lifespan extended, but the overall user experience can also be enhanced. We hope these cleaning and maintenance tips will help you better enjoy the pleasure of male masturbators, making your self-pleasure experience healthier and more comfortable. If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to contact Xspacecup anytime, we are committed to providing you with excellent service.