XR14 Best Blowjob Simulator 10 Vibration 5 Rotation

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  • 5 Frequency rotation allows you to choose from 5 different rotation speeds, giving you an incredible level of pleasure.
  • 10 frequency vibration with 10 different vibration intensities gives you a wide range of stimulating sensations.
  • Soft & Realistic Sleeve gives you a more realistic experience, making it feel like you’re blowjob by partner.
  • It's easy to use and clean, even for beginners, so you can enjoy your experience without any stress.
Material: ABS+Silicone
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Waterproof: No
Charging Time: 4 hours
Run Time: >60 Mins
Mute: 65 DB

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Shane Hawkins

I really had no idea anything like this existed. Its about time company's started making more adventurous products for men. This is the true definition of a spinner. A completely different sensation then I have ever experienced. This is my new go to device!

George G.

I have been eyeing this toy for a while and decided to take the plunge and get it. I wish I would have done so a lot sooner. I really enjoyed the unique vibration modes mixed with the different spinning speeds. I tried both water based and silicone lubricant with it and my favorite was silicone. Definitely give this one a 10 out of 10

Britin Kramer
Works well

Feels great, works well, definitely worth every penny.

Ian Langston

This item works great I like it really a lot it has great motor function and it actually does a great job of what it's for I would rate this a five star and it is a five star rating

Michael McDonald

I'm not one to write reviews, however that being said. This thing is lightweight, easy to clean, easy to operate and does everything you would expect it to do and more. Obviously straight out the box and used first time immediately, then I waited and left the unit on to see how long the battery would last. It lasted quite a long time. Charged it back up and used again at a later date and again same amazing performance. You will not go wrong getting one of these.


This is the toy that I have been looking for. This is the toy that I wanted all the times in the past when I've paid $200 for a thing that I only used once. First of all, I love how great it is to use even without any of the powered mechanisms engaged. Even if I was stranded on a deserted island without electricity, I would bring this toy over any of my other sleeves.

The rotation mechanism is the ultimate 'get you started' sensation. It is amazing for edging: turning on the rotation, then turning it off and working manually, then again the rotation. It's also very light and easy to hold, easy to position, easy to use.

Now for the boring stuff: it has the type of charger I prefer, the end that plugs into the toy looks like a headphone cable, easy and simple. The way that the motor segment and the soft segment separate is ideal; the soft part is easy to clean and the motor part that charges is very discreet looking without the soft segment. (When separating them it is a simple matter of carefully pulling apart, the first time I was afraid I was doing it wrong, but there isn't a switch or latch, they simply snap into each other)

I can't recommend highly enough. My favorite spicy purchase ever.

Steve Howard

This isn't like other toys in the "auto pleasuring" category. The focus is towards the tip as you'll only be fitting halfway if you're average or anything above in length. That being said the spinning motion is a unique sensation and is not something you'd experience naturally.

Battery life is a non-issue. It lasts more than long enough to serve its purpose; noise is minimal and can be used stealthily if you live in a crowded household.

Cleanup is simple just pop off the silicon attachment, run it under some water and reattach when dry.

The only "con" I have with it is storage is a bit of a hassle. There's no cover for the silicone portion so it will attract dust and other contaminants.

At the price point I'd definitely recommend trying it out. I'll be adding it to the rotation for sure.

Steve Kim

Best toy I’ve ever had battery last long and even if it dies it feels amazing easy clean up as well

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