XR4 Waterproof Blowjob Machine Sucking Rotating Thrusting Vibrating

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Turd Flinging Monkey(Y)

Sex Toy Review: xspacecup Spinning Thrusting Sucking Vibrating Washable Masturbator

Turd Flinging Monkey

Kaleb Blake1(P)

My New Masturbator by XspaceCup.

Kaleb Blake1

  • 2024 newest 4 in 1 blowjob machine!
  • Full body waterproof, enjoy your pleasure in the shower or the bath.
  • Multi functions sucking rotating thrusting vibrating stimulation.
  • Dual built-in vibrators take your pleasure to the next level.
  • Could be used as a masturbator and also a penis pump.

Material: ABS+Silicone
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Waterproof: 100% full body waterproof
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Run Time: >60 Mins
Mute: 65 DB

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Owen Mitchell

There are so many combinations I can't list them. You got 4 buttons power rotation/thrust vibration suction can use one or two or all three each with there 7 variations. Giving you so many different ways too enjoy it. With something I have never seen in adult product like this you can put water in the cylinder to get it an indescribable feeling. You can go hot warm or cold. If your ready to change up your adult toy game I highly recommend trying this out even if you never try out with water. Breaks down for easy cleaning and fully read instructions for best results.

Henry Reed

As close to the real thing that exists. Very easy to clean. Just unplug the cartridge and wash it under water. This is the best one yet. Wow!

Caleb Thompson

This device is very powerful and can fit just about any size. The inside is very comfortable and smooth with lube. There are plenty of settings to choose from to fit any preference. Have fun and let it fulfill all of your desires.

William Jenkins

Very sophisticated look and feel to this one. I was surprised by how many things it could do. I didn't know what to expect with the "vacuum" feature, but the first time it activated, I was pleasantly surprised haha. The suction quite literally pulls you in until the silicone entrance is squishing against your groin... and then you can choose between a number of different rhythms to the suction to keep the default back and forth from ever getting old.

Beyond the suction mode, there are also a number of spinning/thrusting actions for the squishy interior, as well as multiple vibration modes which all proved to be way more stimulating than I expected. Combining the rhythmic sucking action with the spinning interior and the vibrators all at the same time makes for a very easy hands-free finale in no time at all.

I've gotten a number of these devices in the past, but this one is easily the most impressive one yet to me. The others were one trick ponies, but this one does a lot! I can easily recommend this one. It's various parts are made of strong materials, it's easy to clean, and it has a crazy number of features for such an affordable price. Very fun toy. Would recommend!

Carter Anderson

Works as advertised. The only feedback I have is that I wish it was a little deeper for those that may be a bit bigger.


A lot of features. Great battery life. Well built. Overall fantastic toy!

Jackson Reid

I've tried a bunch of strokers and this one is, by far, the best. The build quality is top notch, controls are great and the motion is out-of-this-world. It has built-in vibration which is nice. So let's add it up: vibration, suction, stroking AND circular motion. You can control all of them. It doesn't get better than this for $100, well, just get one.

Mason Parker

It really does it all! Very powerful vaccum sucking and thrusting at the same time. Feels great

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