best sex toys for male

What's the best sex toys for male masturbation ?

What's the best sex toys for male masturbation 


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Sex toys for man masturbation

There are many sex toys in the market,mainly are sex toys for woman such as G-sport vibrator,wand vibrator,sucking vibrator,dildo,ect.Some are couples toys.And few are male sex toys,for example sex dolls,torso,and masturbator cup.

Among the there sex toys masturbator cup is the best choice for man.

Why masturbator cup is the best sex toys for man

First of all,let's make a comparison for the three toys.

Sex dolls:at the moment,the sex doll are very realistic and there are many brands for customer to make a choice.there is no doubt that making sex with a life size doll will be nice.However,there is also disadvantages in using a sex doll,firstly the size and weight for a real doll is huge,it is difficult to move a doll as it is really heavy,also the big size make it no easy to storage and maintenance.secondly,the price for a sex doll is more than 10 times compare to a masturbator cup,befor we make the purchase we have to think it over.thirdly,no matter what kind of sex toys,we have to clean them after used,no one would like to move a real body to the bathroom after the masturbation.

Torso:as a part of hunman body,torso is smaller and lighter.But embarrassingly, it has neither the beauty of a doll nor the flexibility of a small toy.By the way,Torso is also not easy to clean.



Masturbator cup:Nowadays the masturbator is very realistic and intelligent.textured inner vagina oral anal makes it more realistic.And the multiple automatic function such as vibrating,thrusting,rotating,sucking,heating,moanning,ect will set your hands-free.Due to the small size,masturbator cup is easy to carry out in any time any where.The inner sleeve stroker is detachable,very easy to clean.

Generally speaking,masturbator cup is suitable for man masturbation due to the size and flexibility.easy and convinent.