How to use a masturbator cup

How to use a male masturbator?

How to use a masturbator cup

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Masturbation with masturbator cup is a healthy and comfortable way for man

Masturbation is a common activity. It’s a natural and safe way to explore your body, feel pleasure, and release built-up sexual tension.

Here are some tips on how to use your masturbator cup from

Before use:

Before using the masturbator cup, you must clean the masturbator cup to avoid infection. We can wash it with warm water and soap or shower gel.

It is better to add some lubricant before using it,which can increase lubrication and avoid friction.

If you want to enjoy a better experience, you can use a heating rod to heat the inside of the masturbator cup first. At the same time, a good heating rod also has the effect of sterilization, which will make your masturbation healthier.

When using:

At the beginning of entering, we should enter slowly, let your penis slowly adapt to the masturbation cup, if it feels too stimulating and want to ejaculate, you can stop for a while.This can exercise your lasting ability and improve the comfort of use.

Now the aircraft cup is multifunctional,such as suction,vibration,thrustion.rotation,voice,ect.And many frequency mode.Try different ways and frequencies, as well as combinations, and you'll have a very pleasant sexual experience.

After used:

You have to wash your aircraft cup after you use it,we suggest to wash it with warm water and soap or shower gel,suggest to wipe with cotton cloth or high quality tissue washing and then let it dry naturally other than exposure under sunlight.

Despite the myths, there are actually no physically harmful side effects of masturbation.
However, excessive masturbation can harm your relationships and everyday life. Other than that, masturbation is a fun, normal, and healthy act.