Recommendation | Top 3 Hands Free Masturbator in XspaceCup

Recommendation | Top 3 Hands Free Masturbator in XspaceCup

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Recently, many customers have asked me about hands free masturbators. In order to meet everyone's questions, I decided to write this article for you and recommend three highly praised hands free male masturbators in detail. Through this article, I hope to help you better understand this area and provide you with helpful suggestions for your purchase.

What‘s call hands free masturbator?

I have browsed many articles online about best automatic male masturbator and found that there are various definitions for hands free masturbators. Many articles even categorize automatic masturbators as a type of hands free masturbator, but I believe this is incorrect. We know that the advent of male masturbator has allowed men to move away from relying solely on their hands to solve physiological needs, but they still need to use their hands to achieve orgasm. Automatic masturbators add more stimulation to traditional men masturbators, such as thrusting, suction, rotation, vibration, heating, and more. This significantly enhances the user experience of masturbators, but it can only be said to reduce the burden on the hands and cannot completely free them. We still need the assistance of hands to use these machines, holding them with hands, moving them back and forth, and adjusting angles. Ultimately, achieving orgasm still requires the use or even dependence on hands.
Therefore, the so-called hands free masturbator should be able to completely achieve orgasm without the need for hands. From the moment the machine is activated, what we should not do is operate the machine; masturbation is meant to be an enjoyment, not labor. Our main purpose is to experience the various stimulations that the automatic machine brings to us and immerse ourselves completely in the pleasure.
This increase in freedom not only enhances convenience but also creates a more relaxing and natural intimate moment for users.
In conclusion, hands free masturbators, through unique design, high-quality materials, and advanced technology, have created a more liberating, convenient, and comfortable intimate experience for users, becoming an innovative product highly popular in the modern adult toy market.

How many types of hands free male masturbators are there?

This is probably the most classic type of hands free masturbator. The defining feature of this type is a powerful suction cup that secures the masturbator to a smooth surface, allowing for hands free freedom. However, these masturbators have limitations due to the conditions required for suction cup usage. Typically, they can only be fixed to the ground or a wall, making it impractical for use in other places, such as on a bed or sofa.
This is a type of hands free masturbator that emerged as an updated version after the suction cup model. The key feature of these masturbators is an adjustable strap that fastens the masturbator to the user's body, achieving a hands free masturbation experience. The adjustability of the strap adds flexibility to product usage. Any masturbator that fits the strap size can become a hands free male masturbator, enriching the range of scenarios for use and allowing users to customize their pleasure experience. However, this type of masturbator has its drawbacks. To achieve the most comfortable effect, users may need to make multiple adjustments to the strap. Additionally, external thrusting masturbators are not suitable for this type of wearing.
This is the latest type of hands free masturbators, introducing a new wearing style after the strap-on version. In addition to the strap-on design, it incorporates a bracket for securing the device. The design of these masturbators takes into account comfort and ergonomic structure, ensuring that the product is not only comfortably snug but also adaptable to different body shapes. Because of the specially designed bracket, it maximizes the advantages of the product, enhancing the overall user experience. However, it also means that this type of masturbator may not be suitable for use with other types of masturbators.

What's the best hands free male masturbator in Xspacecup?

Fixed strap automatic hands free male masturbator. It conforms to the golden wearing angle of 108 degrees ergonomics and split wearing design for easy installation. Moreover, this machine has a rare automatic lubrication function that can lubricate the inner tank with one click. XT32 has 8 modes of thrusting function with 9 gear speeds and the top speed can reach 6 strokes per second. The powerful vacuum suction and the realistic texture inside bring more real sensation.
  • 180° wearable
  • 8 thrusting with 9 gear speed
  • Vacuum suction
  • One-click auto lubricate
  • High tide training click
  • Voice interaction
  • Realistic texture sleeve
XR4 Waterproof Blowjob Machine Sucking Rotating Thrusting Vibrating
2024 latest blowjob machine with rotating, sucking, thrusting and vibrating function. This is a 100% waterproof male masturbator, so you can use it under water. Besides, the vacuum suction feature makes it also a penis enlargement pump.
  • Adjustable wearable strap
  • 2 in 1 male masturbator & penis pump
  • 100% waterproof
  • 7 modes rotating & thrusting & sucking & vibrating
  • Built-in 2 vibrating eggs
XT1 Hands-free Male Stroker Thrusting Sucking Vibrating
This is a classic suction cup male masturbator. XT1 has multiple functions with thrusting sucking vibrating stimulation. The LED display help user better monitor the frequency and intensity and the space-designed exterior means you don’t need to hide this device.
  • Hands free suction cup
  • 10 modes thrusting
  • 10 modes vibrating
  • 5 modes sucking
  • Voice interaction

Start your journey with 100% automatic hands free male masturbator.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. It doesn’t matter which of these hands free styles is better, only the one that suits you is better. I hope you will have your own answer after reading this article.
Xspacecup is always focused on designing and developing the best solo toys for men with high quality male masturbators. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to start 100% hands free jacking off with your next XspaceCup today!